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This is a picture of the Queen of the Colonies under full sail, setting a crossing record to Australia from England.

The ship was New England-built and owned but quickly changed ownership and nationality during the American Civil War for the best of reasons.

I trust that you have brought a goodly supply of candles and hardtack along. There is much to investigate here and many sea miles to travel. All in all, weather permitting, it should be a great trip!

With new exhibits arriving continuously, you may have to come back to see them all. Not to worry, this museum is free to the public, always open, and you are always welcome!

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General Information

History History and origin of the clipper ship. This section will help you understand the impact clipper ships had on their time.

Beginnings The Origin Of the Clipper Ship. A unique story.

Endings The End of the Clipper Ships. An attempt to answer the question of "where did they go?"

Clipper Ship Information. This is drawn from MS EnCarta, cd-rom.

Information drawn from the book, Cherish the Sea.

Graphics. A growing catalog of beautiful ships.

Clipper Ship Information from a different perspective.

Clipper Ship. Another perspective of the clipper ship era.

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Bibliography Clipper Ships, Books etc. A serious list of clipper ship resources.

My bibliography My modest bibliography.

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Clipper Post Card. US Post Card commemorating the clipper ship
Cub Scouts. Cub Scout shoulder patch.

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Reference to Specific Clippers

Endings The End of the Clipper Ships. An attempt to answer the question of "where did they go?"

History History Of Individual Clipper Ships. Currently there are over twenty here.

A roster of ships built by Donald McKay, of Boston. 1842-1875.

Three North American-built Clippers for the Liverpool-Melbourne emigrant trade in 1854:
The Fastest Outward Passages-Liverpool to Melbourne, 1854-1855. This is a table and requires a suitable browser.

Northern Light. A page regarding the later version of Northern Light.

Travel? Book Passage on the Queen of the Colonies. There were no Walkman's in those days!

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A Modern Clipper from Baltimore, Maryland. A must read. Clipper ships and their romance live on!

Seriously Smitten by the maritime bug? Browse here. There is much to see and much to learn. Beware, very addictive.

Nautical Sites. I lived in Beverly Massachusetts, which has its own very under-exploited maritime history. These sites were all relatively close by me, geographically. I arranged them into an efficient vacation trip for visitors who are interested and natives who are so inclined.

I have recently moved to Michigan which has its own flavor of nautical history.

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