James Baines

Extreme clipper launched on July 25th, 1854, at the shipyard of Donald McKay, East Boston, for the Black Ball Line of Liverpool.

Dimensions: 226'x44'9"x29

Tonnage: 2275 RT

1854 - The passage from the Boston Light to the Rock Light off Liverpool

     which took 12 days, 6 hours, is still the sailing ship record. 

1854 - The premier sailing from Liverpool to Melbourne took 65 days. A

     420 miles day's run was achieved during the return passage which in total

     took 69 1/2 days. 

1857 - Made her last Australia passage after which she was chartered by the

     British Government for carring troops to India. 

1857 - April 21st, caught fire during discharging a cargo consisting of jute,

     linseed and cowhides in the Huskinsson Dock, Liverpool. The remains

     were abandoned as a total loss and was sold to Mr Robert Pace, Liverpool,

     a shipowner who rebuilt the damaged hull into a coal barge. 

1863 - still mentioned in the Liverpool Register. Her final fate is unknown. 

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