History of Various Clipper Ships

Many of the following are derived from the The Maritime History Virtual Archives maintained by Lars_Bruzelius

My thanks to Mister Bruzelius. His work gave me intellectual stimulation enough to launch this enjoyable project.

Additional clippers will be credited to their source by a numerical reference within my personal bibliography. - dcs

Roster of ships built by Donald McKay. McKay, based in Boston,
was the most noted designer and builder of these ships.

Individual Clipper Ships

Ann McKim
Bald Eagle
Blue Jacket 3.
Champion Of The Seas
Champion of the Seas, additional reference.
Commodore Perry
Commodore Perry, Additional
Cutty Sark
Donald McKay
Flying Cloud
Great Republic
James Baldwin
Marco Polo
Phoenician 3.
Romance Of The Sea
Scottish Maid
Shalimar 3.
Sierra Nevada
Snow Squall
Sobraon 3.
Sovereign Of The Seas
Thermopylae Thermopylae
White Star 3.
White Star, additional reference.

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